Econet Plus – Your Global Connection

As consumer behavior continues to evolve rapidly, with the most notable trend being a surge in global smartphone adoption. On the other hand, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, continues leveraging all the technology at their fingertips to enable customers to use the technology they use daily in their personal lives by recently introducing yet another massive innovative mobile product – Econet Plus. A robust and scalable mobile application like Econet Plus is undeniably a gateway to unparalleled growth and development. Econet continues to dominate and seek innovative ways of creating and offering real value to its millions of subscribers.

Recent events prior to the launch of Econet Plus

The launch of Econet Plus comes at a time when the regional bloc, Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) has, through its ICT ministers, has vigorously been pushing for a reduction of roaming tariffs in the economic block as an incentive for interstate trade and regional economic integration, with our very own Zimbabwe’s ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira been a leading proponent, within SADC, of making roaming charges in the region affordable. Finally! Econet becomes the answer to such an initiative through its introduction of the mobile app – Econet Plus.

Econet Plus App
Econet Plus App

i. This comes as a great relief to many Zimbabweans, considering that Zimbabwe has one of the region’s most mobile populations, with cross border traders forming a major economic segment in Zimbabwe.

ii. This comes as a great relief to Zimbabwean travelers who have been paying higher roaming charges when traveling outside the country, with many travelers often temporarily swapping their local SIM cards for those of their host country networks to save on roaming charges.

What is Econet Plus?

Econet Plus is an App which uses a downloadable dialler that allows Econet Roaming customers to call and text to Zimbabwe and other countries at local rates whilst roaming. It’s a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. The Econet Plus app is available to all active Econet smartphone users worldwide. The app allows Zimbabweans to use their local Econet numbers from anywhere in the world at the same Zimbabwean rates. The app allows you to call mobiles and landlines around the world, send SMSes and chat. You even save on roaming data charges when travelling abroad as you do not pay any mobile data charges when roaming on Econet’s preferred roaming partners*- To see a list of partner network just open the Me > Rates screen inside the Econet Plus app

Why you should download and use Econet Plus App?

1. Make a call to any number worldwide – Use Econet Plus to make cheap calls to the fixed and mobile networks all over the world (landline, mobile, or even feature phones).

2. Free Data Roaming – Do not pay data roaming charges when calling using Econet Plus while roaming on Econet’s preferred roaming partners.

3. Call Home at $0.16 – Enjoy Local rates whilst roaming.

4. Send messages – SMS any mobile number worldwide. Chat, create groups, send stickers and drop a pin with your location plus you can even send standard SMSes.

What you should take note of before using Econet Plus

*To use Econet Plus, you need to have a Wi-Fi Internet connection or a mobile data network connection (2G/3G/4G LTE).

*Additional data costs for app usage will be included if you are not using Econet’s preferred roaming partners.

Final thoughts

Indeed, Econet like Usain Bolt, has once more left competition in the dust. Econet still maintains its dominance on innovation and technological advancements and that is how it remains relevant towards the growth of our economy. Now, both Zimbabwean travelers and traders who have been paying higher roaming charges when traveling outside the country, with an active buddie number will now immensely benefit from this product – Econet Plus as they’re now able to communicate (call/text) with their families, friends, work colleagues or business partners from wherever their travels take them, anywhere in the world, at the same call charges as their local calls. Customers can use the app in Zimbabwe or outside Zimbabwe.


Inspired to connect you anywhere worldwide!

Download the app from the App Store or from Google Play.


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